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Soulful ft. Leigh Gibbs (AKA Whispers)

from Bohemian Seductive Grooves for the Gay Soul by Kemet Coleman



Soul will never die.


Verse 1:

she aint never really seen me ever handle my biz
I'm a young entrepreneur wit stamina kid

they aint really wanna see me on the camera's
did you ever see me on MTV or the channels give

little mention or attention to the product of soul
but the industry is prodigal and out of control

but the feminines be lovin' it and wanting to groove
even haters be on the streets and they be tryna peruse

from China to India and even down to Peru
they be kickin' it even though they still raising the roof

the haters want to debate us but they feeling aloof
get a clue is what we tell 'em when we get in the mood

one time for every couple who continues to step
the soul will never leave us, it's all we have left

the past will it precede us if we feelin' defeated
know what they SAY if we don't know it then we gunna repeat it

so keep it...

Soulful, gotta keep it moving tonight
Soulful, you can be my baby it’s alright
Soulful, always keep the beat on your mind
lad-de-dah, yeah!

we gone step and we’ll never rest
we gone sweat ‘til there’s nothing left (repeat)
Soulful, in a world that seems so cold
Soulful, we just got to bring the soul

Soulful, in a world that seems so blue...
Soulful, we just got to bring the groove

We gone step and we'll never rest
We gone sweat 'til there's nothing left

Keepin it local, keepin it soulful
we kicking from the city Independence to Joco

game in a choke hold, keepin a low pro
never eliminating, never takin' it slow mo

even the po-po, see that we go throw
literally quicker so we finna just go go

let me see you bounce like you doin it like a pogo
in the middle of the floor while you rockin' monolos

while you rockin' that Gucci man I be rockin' that polo
never droppin' the ball everybody say oh no

when I'm walkin' down the strip in my stetson they roll slow
sayin they wanna dip my profession is soul glo

like I'm, tales from the crip they be shivering oh so
Kansas city we be choppin' in the middle like Gojo's

can't nobody ever top and I bet they will stop
we be, keepin' it hot with the venom on lock

so much cinema in thePhantom* I'm grinnin like I'm
winnin' when I'm beginnin to send the lemon so I'm

makin' 'em grimace a bit and quiver December the bomb
takin' 'em with the equipment to kill they liver I'm fond

shot after shot, block after block
gotta keep the soul up in the air on top

so much music what's real what's not
keep on dancing and we got it on lock


from Bohemian Seductive Grooves for the Gay Soul, released July 4, 2010
Produced by Kemet "thePhantom* Coleman"
Vocals by Kemet "thePhantom*" Coleman & Leigh Gibbs


all rights reserved



Kemet Coleman Kansas City

One of Kansas City's most heralded musicians, Kemet the Phantom straddles the line between retro soul and futuristic spirit. As a rapper singer and producer of both Rap and Dance music, Kemet the Phantom marries the two aesthetics with great poise.

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