Gold and Blue (Kangaroos)

from Gold and Blue (Kangaroos) by Kemet Coleman



Inpsired by Irv Da Phenom's "Red & Yellow" and B Double E's "Red & Blue (KU)". Let's put KC on the da map!


yeah, uh huh, you know what it is
this is for the kangaroos, we do it big
Yeah, uh huh, screamin' that's nothing
when we shuttin' down the block, that's stuntin

reppin' the school when you see me
you know everything
Gold and blue, kangaroos
gold and blue, kangaroos

I scream it loud cause nobody
rep the town more than
gold and blue, kangaroos
gold and blue, kangaroos


Really? And ya'll thought it was over
Imma rep my colors homie so you outta mover over

uh huh, we had a change of heart like audibles soldiar
smack dab in the middle in the heart of it homie

we da kangaroos, aim at fools, hard to be sober
these cowards they try to doubt us but we hardly pushovers

you would think our colors red and blue like police is on us
This season they saw us comin' now they onto to the shouldas

yes sir, shout out to irv da phenom with the red and yellow
and b double e got KU sayin' hello!

they don't want us with the ring say we can't rock it
but at least, kangaroo's got deep pockets, potna!


It's a beautiful to be in KC
Lawrence is cool and manhattan is raging

como is dope and warrensburg is crazy
but that small town thing, ain't me

midtown kc where you'll find me
Gunnin' with fifty heavy hitters behind me

I be walkin on campus with the hardest time
cause Royal hall lookin' somethin' like the march of times


Name another school that rep the city harder
There ain't no competition now we steppin' with the product

reppin just like our theater center stage
who can mirror us jayhawks and tigers with us

but know that they cannot mimic us
thus, we put in cement in Kasey we trust

Just, in case you don't know we division I
sucka's, the whole campus like a party bus

after they heard thePhantom* this anthem
of the two-zero one-one


from Gold and Blue (Kangaroos), track released February 3, 2011
Vocals by Kemet "thePhantom*" Coleman
Produced by. B. Hudson


all rights reserved



Kemet Coleman Kansas City

One of Kansas City's most heralded musicians, Kemet the Phantom straddles the line between retro soul and futuristic spirit. As a rapper singer and producer of both Rap and Dance music, Kemet the Phantom marries the two aesthetics with great poise.

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