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Destroy & Rebuild

by Kemet Coleman

Journey Into Sound (free) 04:16
The Omega 04:12
Freeze 05:07
Soar 03:46
Carryin' the weight of the world/ Can I see the gates made of pearl/ Heaven it awaits man I'm sick of the agony but I/ keep the faith/ but I gotta keep a face with a grin/ Never be embracin' the sin/ I don't wanna be here no more so I'm finna die! and just break/ all my skin/ slice horizontal and not gunna think/ twice til' i'm hollow and I'll be down with the mice/ At the bottom while I'm rot-tin' dry/ momma don't you cry/ But I cant die without the mission finished/ I have to replinish what fema just didn't so/ Pop it, never gone stop until I'm rockin'/ They will not drop until I'm knockin'/ the one on top, so far i'm not him but I got him watchin' kem/ Pray, for me - every single day/ I bleed - so they cannot say That I did I not roar/ -- Life is beautiful/ but I just don't know/ if I'm suitable/ I just want to go/ high and see earth no more/ -- Man I promise that i'm gunna blow/ no more sentimental for my soul/ somebody tell my family that I was a nobody and so I'm on the road/ gone where the streets are made of gold/ always got peace and never cold/ I just want the beaches made of the crystal hit my feet and then it/ jubilate the flow/ depressed but - don't nobody know/ repressed yes I guess Imma gunna fold/ flesh on me you can see my bones/ I cannot take it there is no more phantom so/ I quit, stop this I don't want the/ rawkus, non-sense they be in my/ pocket makin' me a grench, so no I never ever have a single wish/ nothin is makin' me happy and it's tragic cuz I/ had motivation wit rappin/ I had the industry packin' and bendin' over/ papa stackin' but it never happened it's a dream/ I don't want admit that I'm a fiend/ so I had to get the triple beam/ put it in my arm in the release/ man I'm talkin' lyrics and beats/ I got too, get on my feet/ I'm not you, I'm just me so I/ -- I just wanna soar like an eagle/ holla at me lord cuz I need you/ don't nobody wanna see me so put me out of my misery can I just below/ cuz I've been avoidin' the steeple/ I just been annoyin' the people/ kemet was a preacher boy but then he all of a sudden he motivated the evil/ I'm the only one of my kind, and I be feelin'/ the only one on my mind/ never reveal the pysochological bind/ can you feel the etymological rhyme give me time/ I just wanna soar lion without his roar/ fly to get off this floor/ take me away take me away/ So high, I don't really care if I die/ nobody cares and gone cry/ the answer is suicide/
Step Child 04:16
They don't see me as one of them but I keep thinkin' they're my friends should I keep peace and just give in or transform into what I am I been so god dang patient, patient for you to turn/ and stop the constant hatin', because you know that it burns/ me, I'm a humble poet, some say I do not earn/ the ranks among the coldest, that I just will not earn/ they don't wanna see me elevate the game/ I'm finna beat anybody who's spittin' on my name/ I don't wanna be negative but I'm going insane/ pergatory in the middle top of the flame/ I know I need help cuz I tortured myself/ the omega within' me said hit below belts/ put an ice cube on me I'm prolly gone melt/ another phoney then I'm prolly gone shout/ minimal enemies wanna get up in the center of/ thePhantom* but I kill 'em with the element to die/ lyrical venim I spit the infinite vinegar man/ I sit 'em in a minute so they never gone fly/ how could I cry? they treat me like I'm the/ step child, but soon they will bow/ the first shall be last and the last will first/ that is thephantom philosophy now/ hit 'em wit blow, they don't wanna go/ toe to toe wit' thePhantom* and they know it/ one of the coldest, choppa's outta kc/ independent spitta comin' outta the show-me/ where is the brotherhood like back in the day/ with mlk, malcolm and garvey/ but I'm comin' with the force of the US Army/ when I'm comin' you better be armed, G// - Step Child, what is wrong with being different I'm not yo Step child, so don't be callin' that, I be representin'/ Step child, born in raised in Kansas City why am I the/ Step child, they call me, step child but I'm not a/ (Repeat) skip payin' dues you must think that I am a fool i done paid a million who is it goin' to, I aint one to be hatin' you but I'm killin' yo crew/ don't nobody flow wit' an open mind/ but I promise that i'm gunna blow when it's time/ and my emotion is takin' over this rhyme/ cuz this feelin' be hurtin' thePhantom* every single time/ ahh, exhale, I'm never gone fail/ I gotta be on top of the game or they will/ never stoppin' when they rockin' the mic, but it's a mockery/ so get at me I'm finna be sittin' divine with divinity/ stop, let me put it in thirds/ why do you want to kick me to the curb/ I never get love that I think I deserve/ even the wack atleast get a word/ before me, is it cause I'm a threat/ you don't wanna show me love cuz you know that I'm the best/ all while i'm takin' this punch to the chest/ guaranteed I will never be on so so def/ when I'm so so def, definitely head of my time/ don't step, ever to me bringin' the rhyme/ broseph, heaven ull be better than life/ hotep, but I'm gone stress/
One Mornin' 02:46
God's Music 04:19
City Lights ft. Reach (free) 03:59
Zion 02:04


This album's premise was based around the idea of demolition -- making way for new growth by destroying waste. In life we all try to force our way through many things. Sometimes it takes a step back to move forward.

This is thePhantom*'s creative interpretation of the process of destroying and Rebuilding.

100% of album sales go towards advancing an independent artist. 0% of sales go to a monopolizing, life-sucking, creativity repressing major label.



released December 22, 2009

(c) Ripple Effect Records


all rights reserved



Kemet Coleman Kansas City

One of Kansas City's most heralded musicians, Kemet the Phantom straddles the line between retro soul and futuristic spirit. As a rapper singer and producer of both Rap and Dance music, Kemet the Phantom marries the two aesthetics with great poise.

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