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Bohemian Seductive Grooves for the Gay Soul

by Kemet Coleman

(Chorus) Midnight seduction everybody’s touchin’ Everyone is feeling alright (Yeah!) Midnight seduction, everybody’s touchin’ I hope this feeling last all night (Yeah!) It’s time (Repeat) [I don’t want to be alone tonight] -- Verse 1: This one goes out to the young and sexy no doubt we among the best b clubbin' downtown lookin' fresh to deaf see nobody can do it better than t-h-e P let it breathe, hypnotized man I'm seeing pedigree skip the time it don't matter it gotta be whatever she want, Chardonnay or pinot grigio sip it slow cause, in a while we gone hit the floor at the firefly we gone dip it low I've been wanting to kick it but I never get to go what, feel sexy, girl you know that you kinda perplex me when I go out I can count on you next t'me then I'm surrounded my angels of est-a-cy she walked up to me slowly said I know you that you know me tonight I don't wanna be lonely, when clock, strikes, twelve than, can you get up on me and not like you my homie I, want you to hold me no doubt baby you know what I'm all about I got the clout of billion dollar man come out we finna bounce rockin' to the band we touchin' erupting bustin' then seduction, you know -- Verse 2: It's time, to be alone with me then we can plan our trip down to the florida keys I love it when you dip down I'm beggin on my knees I'm captured by your aura frankly I don't wanna leave But girl, It's time, to give a little tease cause it's a little heated and I know you would agree You say you love my baritone voice cause it's deep but Imma put you in the mood to sing a higher key there's something hips and there's something bout your teeth there's something bout your eyebrows girl that I fiend so sensual, do that little dance where you sway and then you go rub a little bit up on me but girl don't touch too much all I need is only your seductive side --
Intro/Bridge: You lookin' good, then why the frown because it's time, to hit the town Them other places, is watered down You wanna party, go downtown -- Chorus: Downtown is where we'll be it's just a place where, everyone can be free City lights and the skyline breeze I'm going down-down-town -- Verse 1: Yes mam, Imma do it til I cannot stand Imm a tax you like I'm uncle sam Never relaxing girl gimme yo hand Oh yeah, who is that thick redbone over there aint no sticks for bones over here I was hooked with the swing of yo hair It's about 3'O clock in the morning flaunt that thing like you just just bought please believe Imma jump jump on it that's gotta be against the law miss My disposition alarming, where in the world am I I'm confused and I don't know why What are those buildings scraping the sky? Who are those fine feminines in my eye? What? I couldn't believe it but my heart would never deceive me I can walk and take it easy 8chicks even 9-1-breezes caribou lou, bomb pop martini don't forget phantastic nector Man I think I found my sector -- Verse 3: North side why don't you come downtown East side why don't you come downtown South side why don't you come downtown West side why don't you come downtown We're probably downtown bound if we're not there right now then we're probably out of town Skylights seen all around the city man you know where that's from it's the place where we kick it I'm probably about to fall down off that phantastic nector Who am I gone call now That's rum, agave nector and lemon dog I'm leanin' so hard I'm talkin' like russell simmons --
Verse 1: she aint never really seen me ever handle my biz I'm a young entrepreneur wit stamina kid they aint really wanna see me on the camera's did you ever see me on MTV or the channels give little mention or attention to the product of soul but the industry is prodigal and out of control but the feminines be lovin' it and wanting to groove even haters be on the streets and they be tryna peruse from China to India and even down to Peru they be kickin' it even though they still raising the roof the haters want to debate us but they feeling aloof get a clue is what we tell 'em when we get in the mood one time for every couple who continues to step the soul will never leave us, it's all we have left the past will it precede us if we feelin' defeated know what they SAY if we don't know it then we gunna repeat it so keep it... -- Chorus: Soulful, gotta keep it moving tonight Soulful, you can be my baby it’s alright Soulful, always keep the beat on your mind lad-de-dah, yeah! we gone step and we’ll never rest we gone sweat ‘til there’s nothing left (repeat) - Soulful, in a world that seems so cold Soulful, we just got to bring the soul Soulful, in a world that seems so blue... Soulful, we just got to bring the groove We gone step and we'll never rest We gone sweat 'til there's nothing left (repeat) - Keepin it local, keepin it soulful we kicking from the city Independence to Joco game in a choke hold, keepin a low pro never eliminating, never takin' it slow mo even the po-po, see that we go throw literally quicker so we finna just go go let me see you bounce like you doin it like a pogo in the middle of the floor while you rockin' monolos while you rockin' that Gucci man I be rockin' that polo never droppin' the ball everybody say oh no when I'm walkin' down the strip in my stetson they roll slow sayin they wanna dip my profession is soul glo like I'm, tales from the crip they be shivering oh so Kansas city we be choppin' in the middle like Gojo's can't nobody ever top and I bet they will stop we be, keepin' it hot with the venom on lock so much cinema in thePhantom* I'm grinnin like I'm winnin' when I'm beginnin to send the lemon so I'm makin' 'em grimace a bit and quiver December the bomb takin' 'em with the equipment to kill they liver I'm fond shot after shot, block after block gotta keep the soul up in the air on top so much music what's real what's not keep on dancing and we got it on lock
Chorus: (Sang by Alex Niedt [ Additional vocals by thePhantom*]) Just right Just right Just right Just right! Just right Just right Just right Just ri-he-hiiigh-t! -- Verse 1: Look, girl I know you been lookin for a man With his head on straight and not overboard Imma do it just right girl you know I understand you're not looking for an overlord Everybody wanna club all day always but I know you wanna settle down What other man pop the champaign out candles lit, and then put the rose pedals down We can stroll in the garment district kiss while we enter your favorite boutique Bloody Mary's on Sunday summertime fun definition of urban chic Then a splash in the rooftop pool with the rooftop view overlooking the skyline Imma just say my my how did I find my lady of my dreams and why I I don't know what I ever did but you are evidence of a supreme and divine God Out of heaven you, fell I know Imma do well Every time I look deep in your light brown eyes Every look that you give every note you emit is you tellin' me I'm, the right guy Other fellas will put up a good a fight But I'm the only one that can do you just right -- Verse 2 (Alex Niedt): Girl let me touch, your body, up and down And don't you worry, aint nobody around Lets, do anything that ya soul might fiend I will do anything, everything for my queen Here we go here we go, you been waiting like me Girl you know girl you know, I finna make ya scream Duchess the repercussions for doing nothing seems Worthy of much, discussion so let us dream I can't live on, just the thought of you Life depends on, comment t'allez-vous Girl I need more, anything will due Can I explore, girl Imma do -- Verse 3: Listen, you're the type of girl that likes broadway plays always down to go see wicked So we can do just that then move to the back, and get busy in intermission Then we can just blaze in the car while we gaze at the stars and make some wishes Imma have you talkin' to your girlfriends in a whirlwind like you my misses I've never really felt this melting something bout your intellect feels good and it's understood that we don't need much just enough like, we should Let's make it official seal the deal so we can embrace the light everyday everynight, thePhantom* ull never be too much but Imma forever be
Aural Sex 2 05:38


This album is the follow up to Phantastic Hummingbird Grooves for the Neo-Conscious Mind. Bohemian, just as it's predecessor is a lot lighter than my more meaty albums such as Destroy & Rebuild and Release.

It is dedicated toward the celebration of creativity, diversity and night-life of city life -- Inspired by urban theorist, Richard Florida. Have fun. Be open. Grow your scene.



released July 4, 2010

Produced by. Kemet "thePhantom*" Coleman of Ripple Effect Records

Written by. Kemet "thePhantom*" Coleman

Guest Appearances by Leigh Gibbs, Alex Niedt for Alex Niedt Music, Reggie B for Innate Sounds and Anthony "PDA" Jenkins.


all rights reserved



Kemet Coleman Kansas City

One of Kansas City's most heralded musicians, Kemet the Phantom straddles the line between retro soul and futuristic spirit. As a rapper singer and producer of both Rap and Dance music, Kemet the Phantom marries the two aesthetics with great poise.

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